Dazzled Antarctica

What if we freeze the movie “Modern Times” and smash it into a thousand little pieces? What if we add some glitz on them? What would we have then? Α collection of industry – inspired jewels to sparkle on you is what we get. Dazzled Antarctica.

Frozen Hypatia

Hypatia was a renowned mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher as well as a charismatic teacher that lived around 400 AD and found a tragic death by a fanatic religious mob. Since then, she has inspired art and literature, being a strong symbol of woman’s intellectuality and contribution in science against racism, zealotry and ignorance. The portrait of Hypatia has frozen in time.Powerful arrangements of simple lines and geometrical shapes feature this inspirational collection.

King Euclid

When king Ptolemaios asked mathematician Euclid if there is an easier way to learn geometry than reading his books, Elements, he answered that “there is no royal road to Geometry”. The axioms of Euclid’s kingdom are equality, truth, logic and solid love for shapes.Are you a geometry lover? Strict shapes and basic geometrical elements form King Euclid’s collection, a fundamental asset of your style.

The Rockhopper 

Rockhopper penguins do not conform to the pattern of penguins you have in mind. Yes, they are black with white belly, but their beak is orange, their eyes are red, their webbed feet are pink and the feathers on their head are spiky. These are the punks of the penguin society.If you are a fashion rebel seeking a jewel that will rock your look, the RockHopper Collection is the one for you.

Impressed Empress

True partnership, devotion, and strong bonding between two lovers against all odds is a frequent theme in tales. Yet, an impressive love story happens every year in the frozen Antarctica, where the Emperor Penguin needs to breed at the start of the Antarctic Winter. Fighting against the extremely low temperatures, darkness and hunger, the lovers take turns in taking care of their offspring, allowing the other one to forage at the sea, even if that means for months.Royal materials unite to create a special bond that rests on your neck, your ears and your arms, celebrating the qualities of loyalty and love.

Tierra del Fuego

Welcome to the Land of Fire, the southernmost extremes of America that are also recognized by the name “the End of the World”. This windswept archipelago is as alluring as it is moody. Its bold nature along with intriguing stories for shipwrecks and native people inspire awe to the traveler. There is strange beauty in the breathtaking landscape of Tierra Del Fuego. Pursuantly, the collection embraces wood, stones, pearls and metal that intertwine into diverse shapes and create captivating jewels.

Golden Eyed

The rarest and the most ancient of all living species of penguins is the yellow – eyed.
It is only fair to name this Collection after them. Elegant concentric circles form a protective talisman against the evil eye in a timeless fashion.

Baise l’Adelie

When the french explorer Jules Dumont d`Urville discovered a territory in Antarctica, he named it “Adelie Land” after his wife Adèle Dorothée Pépin, as an act of love. Are you a romantic soul? This collection french kisses you.

Disloyal Royal

In history, royalties have a long past of scheming, betrayal and treacherous activities. The sovereignty of the crown is surrounded by treason. Disloyal Royal collection introduces jewels that feature an intriguing synthesis of the crown with semiprecious stones in various designs and colors.

Queen of Cement

A queen is still a queen even without her precious embellishments. Even in the most unconventional and pioneering materials, she is a unique, illustrious woman of elegance.The epitome of contemporary jewel design, this collection combines class with the industrial trend of cement.

Te Korora

Te Korora means “little penguin” in Māori language. An authentic design of our little favorite animal features this collection.

Emperor’s Cave

Here is the man cave, his sanctuary to disappear for hours and do as he pleases. Here is the place to find himself. No girly touches, no flowers and no frills. Just his simple aesthetic choices. Here is his collection. Bold, strict and powerful.